Looking At And Shopping For The Right Types Of Showers

Looking At And Shopping For The Right Types Of Showers

If you have a home and want to install the best types of showers in it, the following guidelines can help. Making a purchase that will last you for a long time without breaking the bank is your best bet. Get familiar with shopping for a great shower here before spending any money.

Look at shower heads and try to find one that has features you know you and your family will enjoy using. One kind is the rainfall variation for those that like a weaker water pressure with more overall coverage. You can find smaller ones you can detach from the wall and use as a massager on your scalp. You can always get more than one kind and change it up every once in a while in your home if you get tired of what you have in the shower.

Figure out what you’re going to buy for a shower curtain to use so that water doesn’t splash everywhere as you get clean. Keep in mind that there are actually toxic options that are made of PVC that have issues with off gassing when they heat up. That’s why you should go with an option that’s all natural such as a hemp shower curtain. Just know that the nicer ones will cost more, but since they last longer than those that aren’t created with care of made of materials that withstand lots of use.

Do you need any kind of rails in your shower area so that you can hold yourself up due to an injury? What about having a seat that you can sit on if you are in a wheelchair or have problems with standing for any reason. There are ways to take a shower even if you have disabilities, so don’t think that you are always stuck with just the tub as your option. When getting anything like railing put into your tub, make sure that it is very secure and not just nailed into a weak portion of the wall that could be ripped out easily.

Read reviews on various home improvement companies that are in your area. This will give you a good idea of what people are like that do this kind of work in your area. When you’re looking for reviews, don’t trust those that are on the sites for the service itself. This is because people are only going to post positive press associated with them even if their service is no good. When you go through a third party source there is no reason for them to host reviews that lie if they dont work for those companies.

This information has taught you how to look at and buy the best types of showers for your home. You not only know about finding the right showerhead and Shower curtains, you also know about finding the right person to install it all for you. What you’ve read through here will help your home improvement project be worth every cent.

Which Type Of Shower Head Is Best For You?

Which Type Of Shower Head Is Best For You?

When you think about taking a shower, what do you think of? Is it a relaxing experience where you can unwind from your day? Is it a quick time to wake up and get clean before starting the day ahead of you? Is it a necessity or is it a luxury? If you think about it, a shower can be just about anything you want it to be. In order to make it that way, though, the shower head or heads you choose play a big role in the experience you have while showering. Read on to learn more about the different types of shower heads so you can choose the one that allows you to have the best experience possible while you wake up, clean up, de-stress, or just spend some “me” time in your luxurious shower.

As you shop for the different types of shower heads, you will find that they are rated. This rating is based on the flow rate of the fixture. Basically, the flow rate is the number of gallons of water that is sprayed each minute. Some shower heads are considered water consuming and deliver up to 8 gallons per minute. There are also low-flow models that only use 2 and a half gallons per minute, making them water consuming, too.

One way to make sure you get the perfect shower head is to choose an adjustable shower head. This type allows you to adjust the spray based on your personal preference. You can create a coarse, pulsating spray or a fine massaging spray. Those are just two of the options and depending on the actual fixture you choose, you can find one that produces a wide range of choices for you and others that use your shower. This is the most popular option for most consumers.

The position of the shower head is something else you will want to consider as you go about trying to find the best option. Traditionally, this fixture has been placed on the vertical wall of a shower stall. However, today, shower heads can also be mounted on the ceiling and spray from overhead.

There are also sliding bar shower heads. This option is placed on on the wall on a bar. The height of the spray is easy to adjust while the bar allows the head itself to vary in height.

Rows of smaller heads or sprays in another popular option. These sprayers are installed in rows along the vertical wall. This creates water streams that crisscross between your shoulder and knee level.

Another option many consumers are using today is the spa shower panels. These are installed against one, two, or all four walls of the shower stall. There are water jets that spray similar to the jets in a whirlpool tub. This option provides a powerful massage.

As you can see, when it is time to choose a shower head, there are many different types for you to choose from.

Bathing Vs Showering – Which One Is Better?

Bathing Vs Showering – Which One Is Better?

As human beings, we all get dirty. We work, travel, go to school, and throughout our day, acquire dirt and grime that we are no doubt very ready to wash off! For most of us, if not all, it is a highly important thing to practice good hygiene, and to stay clean!

Many of us shower in the morning before getting ready to start our day, some of us shower at night before bed, and some of us like to fill up out tub and soak for a while and enjoy a hot and steamy bath. So this brings us to the question, when it comes to personal hygiene, which is better? A bath or a shower? In this article, we will discuss the benefits of each.

Firstly, there is the shower. Taking a shower requires that you stand, and water sprays down onto you from your shower head. Usually taking a shower is a quick process, as you rinse, wash your hair, and then get out. If you are a fan of the environment, and want to be as green as possible, taking a shower saves more water than filling up a tub for a bath. But only if you plan on taking a shower that lasts less than ten minutes! Showers are also beneficial if you want to share the time with someone special. You can each get clean while using the same water, which definitely saves more than if you each took two separate baths. If you like to feel relaxed, and get clean in a leisurely way, however, you may feel that showers make you feel rushed, and standing up for the duration could tire you out.

Then there is the bath. Bath time is by far my favorite. I choose to bathe more often than I choose to take a shower. To me, there is nothing better than filling up the tub with steamy hot water and getting in for a soak. A bath uses a lot of water, but I’ve never been the type who is good at taking a quick shower, either. Filling up your bath tub, once full, is a one-and-done event. Then you can soak for as long as you like. You can even pour some bubble bath solution under the water as the tub is filling, and enjoy some wonderful scents and fun bubbles as you get clean. I’m a lover of books, so sometimes it’s great to soak in a hot bath and enjoy a book before washing off.

So which is the better option, bathing, or showering? Although I personally prefer a relaxing bath, my answer would have to be the shower and bath are created equal. There is a time to bathe, and there is a time to shower. When you need to get ready, get clean, and get on with your day, nothing beats a fast and to-the-point shower. But when it’s time to unwind and relax, taking a hot and relaxing bath is the way to go. No matter how you like to get clean, getting clean is important!

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Showering Everyday

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Showering Everyday

Most people believe that if you shower once or more than once a day, the cleaner you will be. In addition, it is believed that lathering using lots of soap and then washing this lather off with hot water is able to kill all the germs that are on the surface of the skin. However, studies conducted by medical researchers show the opposite. Using general types of soap that are not antibacterial or antimicrobial does not have the ability to get rid of the skin-borne bacteria.

In actual fact normal soap has the ability to disturb the micro-colonies of the skin flora-and fauna. This occurs when this bacteria is transferred to the surrounding area such as the shower. However, showering using the right types of soap regularly is advisable for acceptable personal hygiene, but showering too often can result in a damaging effect for your skin.

Below are some important reasons as to why it is not necessary to shower every day:

1.You Are Not Dirty

If you are the type of person who works in an environment such as a chemical-factory or you gym every day, then you should definitely have a shower when you get home. For rest of us who go to a normal office job each day and stay indoors, in most cases you are not actually dirty after a day’s work. Showering each day is motivated by pressure from society associated with been clean and not being dirty. Dr. Casey Carlos who is an assistant professor of medicine for the division for dermatology based at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine states that the skin is able to effectively clean itself.

2.Your Skin Needs The Bacteria

According to a recent interview conducted on BuzzFeed there were 2 dermatologists that advised the readers that if you wash your skin daily, you are removing the useful and good bacteria that is present to maintain a healthy skin. The good bacteria are in place to shield the skin from the harmful bacteria. This bacteria is also useful for keeping out the chemicals and toxins found in a variety of perfumes, shampoos and other types of personal-care products.

You Dry Out Your Hair

When you wash your hair every day you strip out the natural oils that often cause your hair to become frizzy, dry or dull. Director of the International Association Of Trichologists, Hayden Director suggests that people should only wash their hair once or a maximum of twice a week. This is particularly true for the people who have damaged weak or fine hair. She goes on to suggest that on the days that you do not shampoo your hair you can still use a conditioner to assist in rebuilding moisture.

Water Dries Out The Skin

Hot water and even warm water leaches out natural oils found in the skin that keep the skin healthy and moist. Experts recommend that shower time should not extend beyond 10 minutes and the water should not be too hot.